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Geosynthetics have been successfully utilised in the construction of roads and railways for decades. They fulfil all the classic functions of reinforcement, separation, filtrations, protection, drainage and sealing. By achieving these functions our products reduce aggregate requirements, simplifying construction, increasing roadway life and reducing overall maintenance.

Global Synthetics's products including: geotextiles, geocomposites and geogrids help construct better roads by increasing the structural integrity of roads, which improves capacity and longevity.

Roads & Rail Pavements – Transport infrastructure such as roads and railways is considerably the largest asset owned and managed in Australia. The cost of maintenance, renewal and upgrade works continues to increase and innovative technological solutions are becoming more important and in higher demand to help prolong the life of the asset in order to reduce these costs including the benefits of reducing the risks associated during project construction. Global Synthetics, geosynthetic products and technical solutions provide our clients with a viable and economical option compared to conventional treatments with additional benefits of improved asset performance, reductions in construction and maintenance costs over the life of the asset.

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