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Due to their durability and ability to meet the economic and environment goals of today’s mining industry, the use of Geosynthetics in this industry grows annually. Common applications include tailing dams & storage, secondary containments, heap leach pads, landfills ponds & Rehabilitation. Another key area is the stabilisation and reinforcement of tunnels, and the prevention of fall rocks.

A variety of our geosynthetic products have been used in mining development, operation and closure including products to help build access roads, control silt and sediments, process water and sludge ponds, tailing dams, leach pads and secondary containments.

At mine sites, geomembranes and geosynthetic clay liners have been primarily used for liquid containment, as basal liners for heap leach facilities or other solid waste facilities, and to some extent, for tailings dams. Geotextiles act as crucial separating and cushioning layers to protect other geosynthetics. While geogrids have been used to stabilise soft soils for road construction, embankments and mine tailings for soil cover placement. Drainage systems also play a vital role in leakage control, detection and protecting lining systems. Dewatering tubes are used to collect contaminated water pumped out of excavation works  that would otherwise pollute the surrounding environment.

The final part of the mine site is the closure of the site or capping of the materials. While a number of the same materials are used the other aspect is reinforcing the embankment while enabling vegetation to take place.

Global Synthetics is proud to offer design services and support for the materials within their range to ensure the right value engineering solution is put forward.

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