An Effective and Economic Solution to Ground Improvement

With the rapid growth of population and economy, the development of public projects often has no choice but to encounter the poor ground with insufficient stability or excessive subsidence or deformation due to the difficulty of land acquirement and the rising of people’s environmental awareness.

Poor ground usually has characteristics such as high-water content, low strength, easy compression and deformation, and is significantly affected by earthquakes. Therefore, it is necessary to truly understand the engineering characteristics of soft soils and adopt appropriate engineering treatment methods to ensure construction safety, the long-term stability and functionality of engineering structures.

It has been proven that geosynthetics reinforcement can effectively solve the problems that may occur such as earth embankments over soft foundation soils and areas prone to subsidence.

Basal Reinforcement Beneath Embankment

Controlling stability of embankment construction and resisting rotational foundation failure due to weak shear strength can be assisted by the use of geosynthetic materials with high tensile strength, tensile modulus, and geosynthetics/soils interface shear resistance such as high strength woven geotextile ACETex® or geogrid ACEGrid®.

Diagram 1

embankment diagram 1

Diagram 2

Piled Embankment with Basal Reinforcement

Piled embankments consisting of a reinforced soil platform on piles are able to maximize the spacing of piles efficiently and allow embankments to be constructed to unrestricted heights with controlled post-construction settlements.

The high-strength structural geotextile ACETex® or woven geogrid ACEGrid® can be used as an integral part of piled embankments. Load transfer platforms using ACETex®/ACEGrid® can transfer the load of the earth embankment to the pile foundation and offset the horizontal thrust caused by the the earth embankment fill. Piled embankments combined with reinforced soil platforms and ACETex®/ACEGrid® effectively reduce soft soil settlement and construction time and cost.

Diagram 3

embankment diagram 3

Embankments Overbridging Sinkholes 

Sinkholes are naturally occurring geohazards that can rapidly worsen and cause extensive damage to roads and structures, leading to expensive repairs. Embankments overbridging sinkholes using the high-strength woven geotextile ACETex® or Global Synthetics high-strength geogrids can limit the vertical differential deformation of the structure surface and reduce the risk when sinkholes or mining voids occur.

Geotextiles, geogrids and other geosynthetics products from Global Synthetics have been used successfully for basal reinforcement design throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the greater Oceania Region.

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